Goddess Isis Frequency Transmission

Goddess Isis

Experience her sacred & powerful energy

FREE Isis Ka Frequency Transmission

Book a FREE Isis Ka frequency transmission to activate & expand your light body. The energy from Goddess Isis is potent, activating and nourishing.

intense vibration from goddess isis

Goddess Isis personalizes the energy to what you need and you may experience any of the following and more:

  • Deepen spiritual gifts
  • Increase energetic vibration
  • Activate higher spiritual bodies
  • Anchor into your soul & soul purpose
  • Receive higher vibrational messages when channeling

powerful & healing


What is your Ka Body?

Have you ever heard of a light body?

Or the concept of the mer (light) KA (soul) ba (body)?

Our Ka is the body of our soul. Currently, at this time on Earth, the Ka body is the most important one for us to activate to support the shift into 5D.

Every person has a Ka, however, most people, unless they have consciously activated and worked with it, have a dormant one.

The Ka body is literally a vehicle the higher self can descend into matter.

By listening to the audio available on this page, you'll benefit from Ka frequency.

the vehicle to your higher self...

3 GI

Vibration, Light & Connection

  • Ka energy itself is very high vibrational, when it is brought down and fills the Ka channel it is a massive vibrational shift
  • The Ka is the light body that exists through 3D-6D and allows you to anchor in your soul and higher self across these dimensions into your realm.
  • It connects us like a portal to spirit, dimension and form that allows us to become fully ascended humans in our body.

This energy is not for everyone. This is for you if...

  • You’ve been on the path of spirituality and you’re ready to shift into a new vibrational level
  • You’re wanting to activate dormant gifts and abilities
  • You’re wanting to embody a deeper connection to your soul
  • You want a deeper connection to Goddess Isis and desire to experience this powerful, divine feminine energy stream
Ceyda Seren

I am a Goddess Isis Priestess Initiate

The best way I can serve humanity at this time is to activate your Ka body.

hello I am Ceyda Seren

Everything I've studied and experienced up until now has been a means to an end.

Without having experienced the daily grind in corporate, I would not be aware of how magical this new path that I am on is.

Studying transformational coaching, RTT, HeartHealing™, the SuperConscious Recode, Quantum Human Design and spirit channeling has lead me right here, to this moment.

Now I can channel Goddess Isis, her energy and activate the Ka body in those being called by her. If you are looking for something significant you can do to shift your experience and further awaken your connection to your soul, this is it.

For a short time, I am offering free, 1:1 frequency transmission sessions. You get a beautiful sample of what the Goddess Isis energy stream feels like and what it can do for you.

Keep you mind, you get what you are ready for and not everyone is ready for her energy.

contains codes for healing, power & co-creation

Let's do this!

The pure vibrational transmission of this energy is about the divine mother, creation and the activation of the 5th-dimensional Ka body.